Stopgap Solutions for Property Owners &
Town Centers with Empty Retail & Industrial Space.

Innovator's Flex-Space and Pop-Spaces:
With the national retail and commercial vacancy rate at record highs, Pop-space galleries, innovative workspaces and shops are filling in the gaps by utilizing these difficult-to-fill empty retail and commercial sites. These temporary or perminant solutions are an attractive option for entrepreneurs, artists and landlords.

Pop-Up Galleries or Pop-Up studio spaces have been touted by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN and various other international media sources for their intrinsic and strategic ability to address the growing financial strain and negative perception made by empty town centers and commercial buildings.

These solutions provide property owners with the freedom to allow artists, innovators or non-profits to occupy unused space for free, reduced price, or through other creative exchange of services on a temporary or temp-to-perminant arrangement. This could help buffer owner costs, provide tax deductions, promote goodwill publicity and generate patron traffic and potential new tenants.

For temporary solutions both parties would agree that in the event that the owners find buyers or permanent tenants, the pop-tenant would vacate the premises, in the same or better condition, within 15 to 30 days.

These arrangements are proven to stimulate the local economy by increasing traffic and attracting new business. Additionally they enrich the creative culture and entrepreneurial spirit of the community providing mutual benefits to owners, communities, artists and non-profits.

Gravity provides clear solutions for property owners with vacant retail or industrial spaces as well as create opportunities for artists and entrepreneurs to pursue their innovative goals.

Walls, Windows, Sculptural Parks & Artistic land-use:
Unused storefront windows, walls, construction barriers and grounds of unoccupied buildings can be transformed into sidewalk galleries and sculpture parks where local or regional art works could be installed permanently or temporarily.

Art works can also visually enhance undeveloped land and parks. Each installation becomes a vital component to the aesthetic vitality of the community and provides a unique platform for displaying artists’ work to new audiences while transforming an unknown community into a bustling destination town that attracts new patrons for local businesses.



Steep Benefits to Property Owners and Communities:       

  • Tax deductions: In-Kind tax deductions for fair market value donation of spaces
  • Tax abatements: Potential property tax abatements for participating in this program
  • Façade Grants & Rehabilitation programs: Gravity’s nonprofit status could create opportunities for façade grants and reduced rehabilitation costs to qualifying businesses.
  • A new way to market vacant properties to potential tenants
  • Stimulating pedestrian traffic: Utilize the attention pop-tenants create, by stimulating pedestrian traffic, potential business and market visibility to a fading commercial center
  • Provide dynamism and entertainment value to mixed-use buildings for office or residential tenants seeking attractive amenities
  • Increased perceived property values and improved reactions from potential tenants through staged properties.
  • Reduce the burden of searching: Active and maintained properties reduce the burden of searching for new tenants and could cuts costs.
  • Fill vacant space: Temporarily fill vacant space without getting stuck into long-term leases currently with low rental rate market
  • Featured in Media: Property donations will be featured prominently in local media and Gravity promotional material.
  • Goodwill publicity, media attention and advertising reaps public favor. People like to patronize community-focused businesses