Stopgap solutions for vacant/unused properties | Press

With our Pop-Space initiative, Gravity partners with local property owners to temporarily convert such spaces into bustling arts venues. This provides affordable spaces for artists, stimulates the local economy with increased foot traffic, enlivens town perception and culture, and can help buffer costs for property owners until a permanent occupant can be found.
Benefits to property owners

Pop-Spaces can take the form of:

• Art Galleries
• Musical Performance Venues
• Artist Studio or mixed use space
• Educational centers
• and more!

Once a permanent occupant is found, Gravity will simply leave the newly-revitalized space in search for the next Pop-Space opportunity, and the property owner enjoys the benefits of a now-coveted location and permanent occupant.

Long term vacancies cost owners and strain communites:

With the national retail and commercial vacancy rate at record highs, Pop-space galleries, innovative workspaces and shops are filling in the gaps by utilizing these difficult-to-fill empty retail and commercial sites.

Pop-ups in the Press:

From London to New York, Miami to Seattle, Popspaces eliven communities and bolster the economy.

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If you’re the owner of a vacant/unused space, contact us to see what solutions we can imagine together!



Pop-Spaces provide a clear solution for property owners with vacant retail or industrial spaces

Pop-spaces provide property owners with the freedom to allow artists, innovators or non-profits to temporarily occupy unused space. Benefits to property owners