Make a Gravity Target Zone your artistic home!

Artist & innovator relocation inititives:
Artists and creative industry innovators elevate our cities and towns. It’s as simple as that. For that reason, we want artists & innovators to settle in to our Target Zone and pour their passions into revitalizing a place they can call home!  In addition to our Pop-Space and Flex Space initiatives, we partner with communities to provide affordable places for artists to live and work! Developing accessable live/work, exhibit and workspace is critical for many artists and other creative professionals.

Creative Capital Financing Program. Gravity partners with finance agents, realtors and property owners to offer special financing, purchasing and leasing incentives for qualified individuals and organizations within Gravity’s Target Groups and Initiative Zones. Translated, that means we can help artists get an unbelievable deal on live/work space

Qualified individuals and organizations can apply for these special financing options that may provide:

  • Reduced interest rates and lower points
  • Subsidized or reduced fees and closing costs
  • Integrated rehabilitation costs
  • Waived Mortgage Insurance
  • Reduced minimum down payment

First time homebuyer and moderate-income guidelines apply. Financing contingent on peer review of artwork and business plan.

Current Target Zone: Dunellen, NJ

Check the variety of lovely homes in Dunellen. NJ

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making a Gravity Target Zone your new home!



Gravity is seeking the following creative individuals and organizations to participate in revitalising communities:

Creative Individuals: Artists, Musicians, Performers, Writers, Entrepreneurs, Designers, Engineers, Inventors and other active creative catalysts

Arts and specialty organizations:
For- and Not-for-profit galleries, theater and dance groups, music, crafts, antiques, specialty foods, wineries and boutiques

Innovative businesses: Advertising, Interior Design, Architecture and Engineering

Firms Education and Cultural organizations: Colleges, private schools, historic and cultural societies, adult and youth development program and charitable organizations

Studios & Workspaces can be obtained as low as $0.85 sq/ft per month. Contingent on availability. Negotiated commission percentage may apply

Comercial store frontage. If financing is not an option we can further negotiate a variety of lease structures with property owners. Contingent on availabilty.