Galvanizing local creative assets, celebrating cultural heritage and stimulating creative economy

Gravity’s Innovators-Flex-Space and Pop-Space initiative would draw some of the finest creative minds to enrich our community and stimulate our businesses. However, giving incentives to artists and innovators to locate their businesses in a specific area is only half the battle. A community must also offer an audience and exhibition venues so new businesses will not merely survive, but thrive as well.

Most communities are in a great position to meet the challenge by hosting a series of cultural events where artists may showcase their creations and draw visitors to the town center. New events, such as monthly art walks and studio tours coordinated with gallery receptions, would join the list of existing events: including art festivals, antique fairs, theatrical productions, car shows, library events and concerts. Although not for every community, many towns could also initiate a public mural program to draw additional attention to the community.

By promoting arts, encouraging collaborations and capitalizing on local and regional cultural assets, Municipalities can strengthen its economy and enhance the quality of life of its residents. This is an invaluable opportunity for downtown locations to continue in the journey towards making community a spectacular place
to live, shop, and visit.

Gravity would be a key creative catalyst to initiate these and other broad-spectrum solutions to first grow the creative cultural and economic capital, then draw-in patronage for the local restaurants and business.



Increase local business patronage and foot traffic by by turning your community into a epiceter for the arts:

  • Gallery venues and open studio tours
  • Music, theater and literary performances
  • Indie film viewings and reviews
  • Innovative artist placement where buisnesses develop partnerships with local artists.
  • Adopt an Artist: By adopting one or more artists by displaying their works businesses are able to attract pedestrian traffic.
  • Informational meetings and workshops. Local artists and businesses learn how they can benefit from Gravity’s new Initiatives and the varieties of incentives and opportunities.