Permanent solutions for unused industrial spaces

Also known as “Incubator spaces” The Flex-Space Initiative is our flagship initiative for occupying unutilized warehouse or industrial space that could otherwise be a blight to the community. This space would be transformed into an innovative, mixed-use epicenter for the arts.

With our Flex-Space initiative, Gravity partners with local property owners to convert such spaces into bustling arts venues. This provides affordable spaces for artists, stimulates the local economy with increased foot traffic, enlivens town perception and culture. Benefits to property owners.

What you may find in a Flex Space:

  • Offices and work space for creative businesses and non-profits
  • Studio/work/rehearsal space for visual and performing artists
  • Fabrication shops for sculptors
  • Classrooms and other arts educational venues
  • Artist residency programs
  • Concert/performance venues
  • Meeting, conference, and lecture spaces
  • Cultural civic centers and community “hot spots”
  • and of course, much more…


Communities that provide assets such as art, music, theater and other cultural benefits are proven to be more appealing to residents and investors.

Knowing this, many communities are actively addressing ways ways to increase their inventory of artists and artistic venues. “If you build it, they will come…”

If you are the owner of an unused warehouse or industrial space and would like to discuss solutions for your space, contact us.