In a rapidly changing, complex world, communities need to be adaptable and resilient in order to invent new possibilities and solve stubborn problems such as job creation, transportation, and affordable housing. To accomplish these goals, communities need people who can imagine, adapt, invent, and re-think old ways. This will only occur when we expand our views on arts-based community initiatives and apply concerted investments in developing of our local creative and cultural assets into a wider and connected system.

The purpose of this venture is to raise awareness about social and economic contributions that creative programming brings to a community. To that end, our strategy is to partner with various buisnesses, organizations, artists and municipalities to create an environment that will engage local culture, encourage private sector spending, attract outside support and collaborate with existing affiliates throughout the Metro NY/NJ art world for the benefit of its citizens.

When venturing into a new community it is our task to listen first. Creativity comes in various forms and in order to lay a solid foundation it is critical to understand the community’s specific history, needs and desires in order to determine what form an initiative should take. Organizations that listen to those they intend to serve become vibrant sources of positive influence in their communities.

Here are just a few proven strategies that create the spaces, partnerships, and programming needed to unleash creative potential from within the community, and draw in key resources from outside the community.


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